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    Attic Windows

    Using roof windows, the unimproved attics can be easily converted into useful areas: offices, bedrooms, children’s rooms. They allow easy access on the roof and in the same time is used as scuttle.

    Our partner for roof windows is FAKRO.

    FAKRO – multinational company, the most dynamic roof window manufacturer in the world.

    FAKRO has a wide range of products, which increase the comfort and the beauty of the garrets, ease the access in the attic or on the roof.

    • Windows: pivot windows, windows with raised axis of rotation, windows with raised axis of rotation with lower transom, roof access windows, light tunnels windows, smoke evacuation windows.
    • Accessories for windows: external and internal rolls, blinds, automation systems.
    • Attic access stairs: modular wooden stairs, modular metal stairs and pantograph which offers a wide range of each product.